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Helping The Victims Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a violation committed by one individual against another. Most cases of sexual abuse involve actions that are misdemeanors or felonies under Indiana criminal law. However, criminal prosecution is not the only way that sexual abusers can be held accountable.

The victims of sexual abuse don't have to rely solely on the criminal courts for justice. Civil litigation allows victims to pursue legal action against the people responsible. At SedwickLaw, PC, you get the zealous, experienced advocate you deserve to protect your rights in cases of sexual abuse. Suing the people responsible won't land them in jail, but it can provide compensation to help cover your treatment. It can also provide a measure of emotional relief, helping you deal with the trauma and move forward with your life. In addition, it shines a light on the people who commit these terrible acts and helps prevent future abuse. While it isn't an easy decision to pursue sexual abuse claims, there are many potential benefits. It can be helpful for you to discuss your options with a caring, discreet sexual abuse lawyer like me, Marc Sedwick.

Holding People Responsible For Their Actions

Sexual abuse cases can involve more than just the individual who committed these terrible acts. In some cases, the acts of an organization or group of individuals paved the way for the abuse. High-profile cases against the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts of America are just two examples of when sexual abuse was covered up, or even facilitated by, negligent organizations. Coaches, youth groups, religious organizations, teachers, counselors and other people in positions of power may use their organizations or positions to shield themselves from responsibility. It is important to hold responsible all the people who acted inappropriately and contributed to the situation.

Sexual Violence Is A Massive Problem

The issue of sexual abuse has gained more attention in recent years. In some cases, this has led to changes in the law to make it easier for sexual abuse victims to step forward and seek justice in court. The progress is good, but it is not enough. Sexual violence affects the physical and emotional health of its victims. It damages individuals, communities and the entire population by creating pain and fear that is not easy to overcome. At SedwickLaw, PC, I want to do whatever it takes to help the victims of sexual violence through this terrible ordeal.

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Your case deserves the caring attention of a knowledgeable attorney. The decision over whether to pursue your sexual abuse case belongs to you. Sexual abuse is a painful, intensely personal experience that requires a lawyer's compassion, discretion and skill. Your feelings should always be given priority as you deal with what happened to you. As your attorney, I can be the zealous advocate you deserve in taking this fight to the abusers. At the same time, I can be the respectful, attentive voice you need to make the process as stress-free as it can be. Contact my southern Indiana firm today by calling 812-920-4594 or by filling out my intake form online.

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