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Southern Indiana Boating Accidents

Boating along the Ohio River and in the many beautiful lakes in Indiana provides great enjoyment for many residents of and visitors to our state. The enjoyment of this popular sport depends on understanding and applying the many principles of safety. The state of Indiana has issued specific safety requirements to be followed by boaters. When negligent operators or owners fail to follow the safety procedures and serious injuries result, a southern Indiana personal injury lawyer like me, Marc Sedwick, can act on your behalf to hold the responsible party or parties liable for the damage they have caused.

Boating accidents can cause serious injuries to passengers and other boaters. Slip-and-fall accidents can occur when the deck of a boat is not properly maintained. When the person who falls hits their head on a hard surface of the boat, it can then lead to injuries such as traumatic brain injury. The most tragic loss occurs when someone drowns or dies. If the loss of a loved one in a boating accident is caused by negligence, the family members may pursue a wrongful death claim with my help.

Boating accidents can result from negligent, poorly trained or inexperienced boaters. They can also be caused by poorly maintained equipment or systems of the vessel. In cases when defective equipment played a part in causing the accident, the manufacturers of that equipment may also be liable. As a personal injury attorney serving clients in all types of accidents, including boating accidents, I am committed to helping my clients establish liability in tragic accidents.

At my firm, SedwickLaw, PC, I fight aggressively on their behalf to pursue full financial compensation for their injuries or losses.

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