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Southern Indiana Burn Injury Claims and Lawsuits

Burns are most commonly caused by heat (thermal), chemicals and electricity. There are other causes as well. Burns are the most serious injuries that a person can suffer and they require treatment from specialists. The challenge of treating burn injuries comes also from the many complications that can arise during treatment. Severe burns can affect whole systems of the body. If you or a loved one has been injured by heat, chemicals, electricity or other factors, contact a personal injury attorney at my firm as soon as possible to discuss your possible claim for financial compensation.

Damage Caused by a Burn

There are four degrees to a burn and these will all come with different forms of damage and ways they will need to be treated. A first degree burn is not as serious and will not always require medical attention. It will generally be a reddening of the skin that can have topical products applied to for relief and increased healing. A second degree, superficial partial thickness burn will go down through the outer dermis layer and can be seen through blistering and blanching of the skin when pressure is applied. This can be a painful form of a burn that will generally last between two to three weeks. A second degree deep partial thickness burn will move down through the deep dermis layer, causing bloody blisters and scarring. The skin is likely to be moist and should be dealt with to avoid the possibility of infection. It can require excision and skin grafting to repair the damage.

A third degree burn will more entirely through the dermis layer down to the muscle. It is typically white and brown in color with a leather-like feel to the skin. Nerve damage will occur, and it is often times a painless injury initially. It can lead to scarring and may even require amputation of the area. A fourth degree burn can move all the way through the tissue and muscle to the bone. The skin will appear black and dry and it is likely that the injury will be painless. Excision will be necessary and the outcomes can include loss of function or even a fatality. Depending on the type of burn, medical attention should be sought. In more serious forms such as a fourth degree burn, medical care is not optional and should be obtained immediately.

Compensation May be Necessary

When serious injury is caused from the recklessness or negligence of another, it may be possible to seek full financial compensation, which can greatly assist in your recovery. The medical costs alone for treatment and rehabilitation from burn injuries can be overwhelming. The pain and suffering that a burn victim endures is substantial. When the victim does not make it through recovery and loses their life, the family is left with huge medical bills to compound their suffering. The family may have a wrongful death claim.

My firm is committed to assisting those who have suffered serious injury at the hands of another. We assist in settlement negotiations with insurance companies fighting for the full amount for our clients. We pursue cases all the way to and through trial when necessary to achieve justice for the wrongs committed. Prior to becoming an attorney, I was a claims adjuster for a multi-national insurance company. I know what it is like from the other side and this can benefit you in your case. Let my experience work for you.

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