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SedwickLaw Helps Greenville Students Learn about National Elections

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Firm News

The Indiana-based news and current events website Newsandtribune.com has published an article covering my recent visit to Greenville Elementary School. Last month, I spoke to a group of fourth-grade students about the political process in the United States. By focusing on the election process and history, and avoiding the controversies surrounding this year’s election, I hoped to impart a hopeful and positive view of politics in the U.S. The students’ knowledge was impressive, to say the least. Parents and teachers should be proud.

This recent trip to Greenville was part of the Indiana Kids’ Election (IKE) program, in its ongoing efforts to provide students K-12 with hands-on political education. While the fourth graders I spoke to are still years away from voting in U.S. elections, they will have future opportunities to participate in IKE programs such as mock elections and educational events. IKE is funded by the Indiana State Bar Association and the Indiana Bar Foundation. For more information about this program and upcoming events, visit the IKE website.

During my visit, the topics of conversation ranged from the Electoral College to the constitutional provisions for elections. One female student mentioned learning about parties other than the Republicans and Democrats. Inspired by the prevalence of female candidates in this election, she was hopeful that if a woman wins the election, more girls might run for president in the future.

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