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You Can Hold Nursing Homes Accountable For Abuse And Neglect

It is always challenging when the care of a parent needs to be turned over to a nursing home. Finding the right environment and trustworthy staff that fits within budget constraints can be a difficult process. Many elderly parents will protest the action, which makes it even more difficult. We always hope that we have made a sound choice; however, sometimes, our loved ones become victims of abuse or neglect.

There are signs that you can look for that might indicate possible abuse or neglect on the part of the nursing home. It is important for you to know and keep a watch out for them. If you suspect that your loved one is being abused in a nursing home, you should contact my firm, SedwickLaw, PC, as soon as possible.

Looking Out For The Signs Of Abuse

The elderly residents of nursing homes are often incapable or unwilling to voice complaints. They may be afraid of repercussions or they may be suffering from conditions that make them unable to communicate about the situation. The signs of physical abuse are normally visible in the form of bruises, wounds, abrasions or bloodstains. If you observe untended wounds, sudden changes in weight, improper hygiene, torn clothing or bedding or any other indicator that all is not well, you should report them to management and insist upon an explanation.

Less obvious signs of abuse or neglect include a change in behavior, a drop in emotional responsiveness, missing personal items and odd financial transactions. If you are ever refused access to your loved one or are put off and delayed in seeing them or if the home insists on having a staff member in the room while you are visiting, they may be trying hide something.

What To Do Next

I am Marc Sedwick, and as your lawyer, I will be in this fight with you. If you suspect that your family member has been abused or neglected, speak with me today. I have 19 years of experience, including as an insurance defense attorney. I know what the facility's insurance company will try to do to deny or minimize your claim. I am a strong advocate for my clients and will work hard for the compensation and justice that your family deserves.

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