The Royce-Friend House: Preserving the Local Community

Marc Sedwick Renovates a Historic House as His New Office

Attorney Marc Sedwick recently purchased and restored the historic Royce-Friend House, renovating it into his new legal office. Located at 229 W. Spring Street, the house received an "outstanding architectural rating" in the New Albany Interim Report.

SedwickLaw, PC is dedicated to supporting the local community. By restoring the Royce-Friend House, Marc has preserved a portion of local New Albany history. Read below for a history of the house and to view "before and after" photos.

A Brief History of the Royce-Friend House

Built circa 1855, the Royce-Friend House was originally owned by Henry H. Royce, a dealer in iron, stoves and tin ware. In December of 1874, the property was acquired by Isaac B. Friend, the proprietor of the New Albany Planing Mill and a contractor and builder.

During Mr. Friend's time as owner of the house, many of the ornate wooden embellishments would have been added. Additionally, the south bay was added between 1891 and 1898 as shown in the Sanborn Insurance Maps for those years.

The house was sold to Harold and Mary McIntosh in 1935 and remained the family home until 1951, when Harry and Mary Sperzel were listed as living in the house, but the two did not become owners of the house until 1953. The house later became commercial property when Shaw Packaging was listed at the address in 1973.

In 1974, Lang Williams Insurance Agency, Inc. began a long tenure at the location. The house was finally purchased by David Brown in 2006, who had a sympathetic rehabilitation performed on the building.

Attorney Marc Sedwick then purchased the house in 2014 and renovated it into his New Albany office.

Before and After Photos

The Royce-Friend House circa 1972 or 1974
The Royce-Friend House circa 1972 or 1974.

The Royce-Friend House circa 2014 The Royce-Friend House circa 2014
The Royce-Friend House circa 2014.

Royce-Friend House entryway before The Royce-Friend House entryway after
The entryway before and after.

Brick interior in the Royce House Marc's office
Brick interior & Marc's office.

Renovated Upstairs Room 1 Renovated Upstairs Room 2
Renovated upstairs rooms.

Floor before Finished floor
Flooring before and after.

Ceiling before Ceiling after
Ceiling renovations.