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Proving Negligence in a Personal Injury Case

By far, the most important factor in winning a personal injury case is proving who was at fault in the accident. This is known in the legal arena as "negligence." It is the aspect of your case that a knowledgeable Seymour personal injury lawyer from my firm focuses on in order to prevail on your behalf. By negligence is meant conduct that is less than what a reasonable individual would do to protect you from predictable harm. A common instance of this is drunk driving accidents involving a car, truck, motorcycle, bus or other modes of transportation. The drunk driver who caused the accident made the choice to drink. He or she did this knowing that the combination of being intoxicated and operating a motor vehicle could end up in disaster. Based on the drunk driver's actions, he or she can be held legally accountable for the property damages, injury and other pain and suffering that were caused.

When medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, a construction accident or nursing home abuse has harmed you, you may have no doubt as to who was to blame. It can be a different matter, entirely, to get an insurance company or a responsible third party to agree with you. In order to obtain fair compensation in your case or to be awarded the damages that you deserve, there are certain elements that must be shown. It is essential to your case that I demonstrate the responsible party had a duty of care towards you. My firm must also illustrate that this duty was violated and by this that you were caused verifiable harm. In order to ensure you are compensated fully, I also work to clearly demonstrate the extent and severity of your injuries and the complete effects on your life. For many, this takes in not only current financial compensation but also looking at what your needs will be in the future.

Armed with comprehensive information as to who was negligent in your case, I then work to obtain maximum compensation on your behalf. I founded SedwickLaw, PC to provide legal representation to personal injury victims. My practice concentrates on claim settlements with insurance companies as well as civil litigation to obtain damages when these are warranted. You may find other attorneys who wish to avoid the hard work needed to favorably resolve a case in court. I am not hesitant to litigate your case if I feel your claim cannot be resolved in an equitable manner.

Understanding Awards for Personal Injury Damages

I assist those wrongfully harmed in all types of personal situations such as premises liability accidents, birth injuries, vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries and much more. For the past 2 years, I have been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for 2011-2014. This recognition is based on the outcomes I have produced for clients on personal injury matters. Many times, it is my distinctive background that can make a significant difference in the results I am able to deliver. I am a former claims adjuster for a multi-national insurance company and worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies. I am very familiar with the inner workings of insurers as well as how their lawyers defend personal injury cases. I also have an in-depth knowledge of how the negligence laws in our state operate.

On personal injury concerns, Indiana is known as "comparative negligence" state. This means that even if the accident was partially your fault, you can still be compensated. You must be less that 51% responsible, though, in order to qualify for damages. Your award will be determined based on the percent you are found to be at fault. For example, if you are found to be 30% responsible for your accident, you can only receive 70% of the damages awarded. As you can imagine, determining and agreeing upon fault in our state can be complex and contested. This is where having an attorney who knows all sides of Indiana personal injury law can be of great value to you and your loved ones.

Based on my background and experience, I have appeared in cases in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Ohio as well as Indiana. My thorough knowledge of state laws has resulted in my serving as local counsel for other personal injury attorneys from around the U.S. While I take pride in assisting other attorneys, my greatest emphasis and motivation is in helping local residents at the Crossroads of America, Seymour.

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