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Settling Insurance Claims for Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

All too frequently, you hear or read about an individual who received a catastrophic injury caused by the negligence of another. This person may now have extremely painful burns, a traumatic brain injury or the permanent repercussions of a spinal cord accident. Yet, they still have to battle in court to receive the damages they deserve. As well, you may know of a person was has been wrongfully injured in car, truck or motorcycle accident, but an insurance company denied their claim for compensation. How can such apparent injustices take place? What can be done to right these wrongs?

Insurance policies are supposed to be contracts between an individual and his or her insurer. You faithfully pay your insurance premiums in full and on time. In exchange, your insurer is supposed to see that you are compensated in an equitable manner. Regardless of whether your injuries were caused by medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, nursing home abuse or a premises liability situation, you expect an insurance company to keep their part of the bargain. When an insurance company does not keep their agreements, it constitutes "bad faith" on their part. It isn't fair and it should not take place, but it does. In order to prevent or successfully resolve bad faith actions by an insurer, I encourage you to quickly seek the advice of a proven Scottsburg personal injury lawyer from my firm.

At my firm, SedwickLaw, PC I have a thorough understanding of the multiple methods an insurance company can use to deny, stall payments on or devalue your claim. Prior to assisting accident victims, I was employed as a defense attorney for insurance companies. Additionally, I am a former claims adjuster for a multi-national insurance company. This experience adds up to a behind the scenes knowledge of how insurance adjusters and attorneys work. I use this knowledge towards gaining every advantage possible when pursing compensation in your case.

In some cases, an insurer can delay your payments, request data that is needless and even threaten to not pay you if you retain an attorney. Your medical procedures and treatments as well as long-term care can be disputed. My job is to head off bad faith actions wherever possible. I am more than willing to initiate civil litigation to press for maximum compensation and damages in your case if negotiations with an unwilling insurer do not result in a just settlement.

Defeating Insurance Company Bad Faith in a Personal Injury Case

I would be painting an inaccurate picture if I stated that all insurance companies act in bad faith for all claims. I would not be mistaken, though, to state that it is routine for me to have to have to extensively investigate and document the facts of a case. It is also commonplace for my firm to have to aggressively act to prevent the payment of settlement amounts that are far less than the injured person should be awarded.

The key points that I work to prove are who was liable in your accident, the degree to which they were responsible and the full effects of your injuries. The issue of finding out and demonstrating who was at fault and the degree of their culpability are vital in our state. Indiana law permits you to be compensated in accident that was partially your fault. This is only true, however, if you were less than 51% responsible for the incident. The damages that I can obtain for a client will depend upon the percentage that he or she is found at fault in their accident. It is essential, therefore, to have an experienced attorney who can persuasively present your case to an insurance company or in front of a jury.

Insurance bad faith is only one of the barriers that can stand between you and a positive outcome to your personal liability claim. As opposed to many law firms, I am unwilling to merely settle your case in the easiest manner possible. Instead, I would rather put in the hard work and commitment it takes to obtain the maximum awards achievable. Most Scottsburg residents work in manufacturing or retail sales and I know it can be tough in these economic times to be injured and out of work. This is why I am dedicated to seeing that the compensation in your case helps you through this difficult period.

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