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Serious injuries from dangerous drugs, defective products and medical malpractice or those from car, truck, bus or motorcycle accidents can quickly alter the course of an individual's life. In some cases, such as birth injuries, spinal cord accidents or traumatic brain injuries, the effects will be permanent. Many times, the harm goes well beyond physical pain alone. Personal injury law is designed to protect the rights of those who are injured through the negligence of another. The unfortunate facts are, however, that although someone else caused your injuries it does not mean that you will be freely compensated for your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies or responsible third parties are frequently unwilling to fully make up for the damage that has been done. This is why it is crucial that you retain a Columbus personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after you or a family member has been injured. To delay can be costly to the final outcome of your case. Understanding that legal representation is needed, what type of attorney should you look for?

My name is Marc Sedwick and my firm, SedwickLaw, PC is dedicated to the pursuit of maximum compensation for personal injury victims. For the past 2 years, my firm has been selected as a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for 2011-2014. This honor is based on the results that I have achieved on behalf of my clients and that is the first attribute that you should look for in an attorney. Has the lawyer you want to represent you been able to produce favorable outcomes to the cases he or she has taken on?

My experience in the field of personal injury law and litigation has demonstrated that it frequently requires my thorough research and preparation, followed by skilled negotiations to obtain fair compensation for an individual. When needed, I also aggressively pursue civil litigation in order to achieve what is best for my clients. I am an accomplished trial attorney who does not hesitate to bring legal action if that is what is required to achieve the compensation and damages you deserve.

Former Insurance Company Lawyer Now Helping Personal Injury Victims

It is my background, though, which places me in a unique category amongst all lawyers. Before starting in private practice, I worked as a claims adjuster for a multi-national insurance company. This alone provides a comprehension of the claims process that sets me apart. It also gives me an important advantage when it comes to knowing the tactics an insurance company may employ to try to deny or devalue your claim.

In addition to my time as a claims adjuster, I worked as a defense attorney for insurance companies. I know what is considered a weak or strong claim. I understand how to document and persuasively present a case to an insurance company or a judge. Perhaps most importantly, I work to show a complete picture of the full extent of the harm that has been done and thus the full compensation that should be awarded in your case.

My firm helps those who have been unfairly injured; from drunk driving accident victims to people who have suffered through nursing home abuse, premises liability incidents and vehicular accidents of all kinds. I also assist families who have been harmed by the wrongful death of a loved one. With the large amount of Columbus residents employed in manufacturing and construction, I am particularly aware of those hurt in construction accidents. On behalf of injured persons, I have appeared in cases in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and, of course, Indiana. I have also served as local counsel with many attorneys from around the U.S. when an out-of-state resident has been injured in Indiana.

Aside from purely legal experience, I strongly believe there is another characteristic that you should consider when retaining a lawyer. Your case is the most important one for you and your family. I understand and respect that. Additionally, I do not lose sight of the fact that behind the legal jargon and actions are real people that have been wrongfully hurt. I take pride in the personalized service that I give to clients, including making certain that your phone calls are returned within 24 hours. I don't treat people who come to my firm for aid as mere "case files" to be processed before moving on to the next. I encourage your questions and input and do all possible to keep you informed as to the progress of your case.

Contact a Columbus personal injury attorney at my firm to see how my experience as a former insurance adjuster can be of benefit in pursuing compensation in your case.

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