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Civil Litigation in Personal Injury Cases

From a purely legal point of view, personal injury cases revolve around the law, proving fault, settlement claims and jury verdicts. There is, however, another aspect of personal injury situations that I strive to always keep at the forefront. Behind the legal terminology and procedures is a person who has been physically and, many times, emotionally harmed.

At my firm, SedwickLaw, PC, I do not treat clients as though they are a legal case file or just another claim to be quickly processed and then forgotten. I understand the pain and suffering that you and your family may be enduring. I know that ambulance bills, medical costs and lost wages can put you in an unpredicted and undeserved financial situation. I also understand the effort that is frequently required to see that you are properly compensated for your losses.

As a committed Brownstown personal injury attorney, my goal is to seek the highest settlement possible in your case. In some instances, my firm can accomplish this through filing a claim on your behalf and negotiating a just settlement with an insurance company. At other times, I will need to initiate civil litigation so that maximum damages can be awarded in your case. No matter what legal tool I use to assist you, I endeavor to keep sight of the fact that behind the preparation and hard work I put into a case is an individual who needs my help. As part of my personalized service, I also make it a point to return your telephone calls within 24 hours. Your case and its outcome is important to me.

In assessing your specific personal injury situation and working to bring it to a favorable conclusion, I have an advantage over many other attorneys. I am a former claims adjuster for a multi-national insurance company. I also served as a defense attorney for insurance companies. This experience can prove invaluable when I prepare your claim for submittal to an insurer and negotiate your settlement. It can also be decisive to the outcome of your case as I get it ready for trial.

My preparation includes thorough research, investigation and documentation of the true cause of your accident and who was responsible for your injuries. I review statements by witnesses, police reports and can make my own assessment of the accident scene. Frequently, I ensure that there is a complete picture of your medical history and the full effects of your injuries. Many times, this includes an appraisal of what the future holds regarding your need for further medical care and treatment. The end goal is seeking the best outcome that can be achieved in your case.

Compensation and Punitive Damages

Stemming from the results I have obtained for clients, my firm has been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for 2011-2014. On behalf of injury victims, I have appeared in cases in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and Kentucky. I am also honored to have served as local counsel for other personal injury attorneys from various states around the country.

Locally, my firm assists those harmed in car, truck, motorcycle, boating and pedestrian accidents. Although Brownstown is small, wrongful accidents and the injuries they bring about do take place. If you or a loved one has been injured through nursing home abuse, a defective product or medical malpractice, I urge you to contact me for proven legal assistance. I provide representation to those hurt by slip and fall accidents, dangerous drugs and construction accidents as well. No matter the type of harm that has been done, from birth injuries or severe burns to spinal cord accidents, my firm is well-versed in how to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Normal areas of compensation in a personal injury case include lost wages, medical costs and damages to property. In addition, future loss of earnings as well as the expense of future medical procedures and care can be compensated. In many cases, I can pursue compensation for your pain and suffering which can include non-physical losses that you have undergone. Under the laws of our state, there is a distinctive type of damages that I can pursue in certain cases. These are "punitive damages" and are awarded in order to punish the person who caused your injuries. Frequently, these are the damages that factually serve to make up for the harm that has been done.

Contact a Brownstown personal injury lawyer from my firm if you were injured in an accident and want to protect legal right to compensation and damages.

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