SedwickLaw, PC: Attorney for Injury Claims in Columbus, Madison, Seymour, Brownstown and Scottsburg

Fighting for Justice in Personal Injury Cases

At SedwickLaw, PC, my firm, I have taken on the duty of serving the injured and assisting them to recover compensation for damages. I take my responsibility to my clients very seriously, and have dedicated my practice to getting results in claims and lawsuits. I am proud to have been named as a "Rising Star" by Super Lawyers in 2011-2014 - I know this honor is based purely on the hard work I put into each case I take on. I know the importance of compensation for damages - this is how my clients will survive, pay medical bills, and support their families after a serious accident. I am not interested in seeking a fast, low settlement offer from any insurance company. I am prepared to go to court to get justice, and have been named as a "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" by the National Trial Lawyers. I prepare each case I am involved in with great attention to detail, and should an insurance company fail to make a fair offer, I will press forward with a court case to seek justice.

There is a great difference in legal skill, particularly in litigation. There are some firms that take on a huge volume of cases and push them through to a settlement as quickly as they can. My only concern is my clients, their interests, their health and their future. When a serious injury takes place, whether catastrophic injuries or a difficult and complex case involving a large pharmaceutical corporation and dangerous drugs or other defective products, I have the experience and track record in civil litigation that could be extremely important to you and to your family or injured loved one. Cases involving medical malpractice are often more difficult, and working within the system and presenting a case that has a better chance of success in court, mediation or arbitration takes a high level of skill. You can count on me and my staff to serve you as an individual, with compassion and concern, and to take your case forward and press for a fair resolution. You deserve compensation at a level that reflects the degree of injuries and other damages. All economic and non-economic damages will be aggressively pursued.

My firm serves Southern Indiana and Kentucky, including the communities of Columbus, Madison, Seymour, Brownstown, and Scottsburg. My office is located in New Albany. I fight for justice in all types of personal injury cases, from the simple to the highly complex. When you need a lawyer that truly cares about you, and has the skills to achieve a victory in court, call my firm. I would like to evaluate your case, and advise you about what you could expect in compensation, and how I believe the case could resolve. Different cases require varying lengths of time to resolve, from a few months to years in some very complex cases involving product liability or dangerous drugs. You want an attorney that is very familiar with civil litigation and has success in court to represent you.

Call my firm today for more information in personal injury cases or wrongful death claims throughout the areas of Columbus, Madison, Seymour, Brownstown and Scottsburg, IN.