Personal Injuries in Southern Indiana: Broken Bone

There are several ways that a bone can break, or fracture. Serious fractures, such as those that occur in car accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents, run the risk of dangerous complications. Blood vessels and nerves near the bone can be damaged. When bones break through the skin, the risk of deep infection into the bone and surrounding tissue becomes greater.

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and are suffering with broken bones, I encourage you to contact a Southern Indiana personal injury lawyer at my office. The majority of my law practice is devoted to helping seriously injured victims of negligence and recklessness on the part of others. Drunk driving accidents and truck accidents are known to cause devastating injuries to motorists and their passengers. Accidents caused by careless actions of others may be grounds for a personal injury claim. A skilled attorney from my office will aggressively seek full financial compensation for your injuries.

Harm Caused by a Bone Break

When broken bones are part of the injuries sustained in an accident of any kind, the recovery times will vary. The age and health of the person or child injured will affect the amount of time it takes for a fracture to mend. In some cases it can take months and physical therapy may be necessary to restore full use. All of the medical costs can add up quickly. The injured person may be losing income from missing work, which may continue during rehabilitation. Financial compensation from the person or persons responsible for the injuries can greatly assist in your recovery.