Southern Indiana Birth Injury Cases

It is truly heartbreaking when a newborn is injured prior to or during birth. There are many possible reasons that birth injuries occur. A personal injury attorney from my firm can help to evaluate your situation. I am committed to helping the seriously injured to obtain financial compensation from the responsible parties. Negligent prenatal, labor or delivery care from a doctor, nurse or midwife can result in injuries to the child. They are trained to recognize indicators that warn of complications or difficulties, as well as the remedies that should be implemented. If they miss those indicators or fail to take action, the child can be injured. Some prescription drugs taken prior to or during pregnancy, such as SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), can damage the health of a fetus. Today's technology gives obstetricians many tools to predict possible difficulties and take action to prevent harm. When they fail to act responsibly, it may be possible to recover financial compensation.

Problems Caused During Birth

There are many different types of child birth injuries, with more that have yet to be discovered. The damage that is caused in the initial moments of a child’s life can leave them with a lifelong impact that they may have to struggle to overcome. The physical development of a child can be hindered, leaving them with damage such as poor muscle control. Others may face problems with their mental development or even their control over speech. In order to correct the results of a birth injury, treatment may be implemented long term. Some children require it to continue on for years while they fight to correct what was done. Some common forms of injury are bruising from the forceps that may be used to help a child out through the birthing canal, facial paralysis when the child’s nerves are affected, brachial palsy and more. Long labor, premature birth, large weight of a child and other factors can be to blame for injuries, but often times it is the negligence of workers to catch problems or they may cause the problem themselves.

My firm aggressively pursues claims for birth injuries. I am dedicated to the infants and families that have been left to face the consequences of the mistakes of others. Insurance companies may offer settlements. I encourage you not to accept a settlement without consulting a trusted birth injury lawyer. Once you accept a settlement, you may wave your right to future legal actions. The effects of birth injuries can last a lifetime. My firm can help you to determine the full amount due based on the injuries and the time and treatment necessary for recovery. You don't have to go it alone. I can help.