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Types of Injuries

When a person undergoes an accident, there are many different kinds of injuries that he or she could incur. Depending on the severity of the accident, an injury may be serious enough to cause life-long complications, or even death. To ensure that you obtain compensation for your losses, you should make sure to hire a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. At SedwickLaw, PC, you can be confident knowing that my firm will make your case a top priority. I have successfully won compensation for many clients in a variety of different cases. Review the most common types of injuries that people incur from their accidents:

Birth Injuries:during pregnancy, a doctor might not prescribe the proper care for the mother or the child, resulting in injury to one or both. Any problem that arises in the pregnancy, labor, or delivery stage of the process could be classified as a birth injury.

Broken Bones:a bone that fractures or breaks during an accident can cause severe damage to the bone itself and the surrounding tissues. Any complications could prolong the recovery as the victim is trying to rehabilitate.

Burn Injuries:burns can be caused by heat, chemicals, or friction. Not only are these extremely painful, but can lead to permanent scarring or amputation.

Catastrophic Injuries:any injury that causes permanent or long-lasting damage can be classified as catastrophic. The permanent disabilities incurred by catastrophic injury may greatly affected one's standard of living as they adjust to a new way of living and have to pay for extra costs associated with recovery.

Neck/Back Injuries:trauma to the neck and back can cause debilitating pain that may lead to more serious spinal cord injuries. The most common type of injury that affects the neck and back is whiplash.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: force to the skull can cause external and internal issues, especially when the skull is pierced. Victims may experience seizures, confusion, lack of coordination, weakness, slurred speech, and other negative symptoms.

Dedicated Representation

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