Southern Indiana Premises Liability

Liability of Property Owners

Dangerous property can be much more than an eyesore. It can create injury and harm to others. Owners and property managers have a responsibility to maintain safe premises and when they fail in this responsibility, the injured may have a personal injury claim. If you or a loved one has been injured on dangerous or hazardous property, a Southern Indiana personal injury lawyer from my firm should be contacted for assistance in pursuing a claim. My firm has been successful in pursuing personal injury claims on behalf of those who have been seriously injured by the negligence of others. I am committed to the fight for their rights to full financial compensation.

A common cause of injury is the slip & fall accident that occurs when stairs are damaged, icy or slippery, or walkways are cracked or broken from tree roots. A restaurant or grocery store, for example, needs to take immediate and effective action when spills occur on hard surface floors. Improper warning of hazardous conditions can be grounds for premises liability cases. When renting property, the renter has the right to expect that the property is safe from hazards. If the owner knew of a danger on the property and failed to act to remedy it, or warn of its danger, he may be held liable in a premises liability case. Not all accidents that occur on a property are subject to a personal injury case. There are certain important factors that must have existed. A skilled attorney from our firm can advise you on your situation.