Forced Drugging in Nursing Homes in Indiana

Injury Claims for Elder Abuse

If you have a family member in a nursing home, it is important to be aware of the facts about nursing home abuse. Unfortunately, it is all too common for nursing homes to be guilty of unethical treatment of their residents. One of the worst offenses perpetrated is that of forced drugging. Be proactive if you think a loved one is being forcibly drugged. Contact me, Marc Sedwick, for legal assistance. You must move quickly if you believe your loved one has been overmedicated, because if you do not, this forced drugging may lead to irreversible health consequences, physical pain, or even death.

Southern Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Attorney: Forced Drugging Cases

Forced drugging is when a patient is given drugs unnecessarily. There are drugs that are referred to as chemical restraints. These drugs make a patient calm when they are aggressive or actively fighting their doctors, nurses, or caretakers, or pose a danger to themselves, and usually are only used in an emergency. These drugs were designed to keep doctors and nurses safe in order to effectively treat a patient who was attempting to harm themselves or their caregivers. In some cases, these drugs are misused in nursing homes. The FDA recently found that over 185,000 nursing home patients received antipsychotic drugs (like chemical restraints) that were not prescribed to them and/or against their doctor's orders. Could your loved one be one of them?

Sometimes we know that we can no longer provide the care an assistance our elderly relatives need. We do our best to help them by putting them into a nursing home, a facility that is better equipped to give our relatives medical care that we are incapable of. There are cases in which nursing homes are not helping the elderly, but hurting them instead, through the use of forced drugging to keep them quiet and reduce the amount of care and attention necessary for the patient. If you believe your family member is the victim of forced drugging, you must act quickly, as his or her life may be at stake. Do not hesitate to hire an experienced and compassionate personal injury lawyer. I, Marc Sedwick, had dedicated my practice to helping the victims of crimes, including nursing home abuse and forced drugging, and to pursue a settlement or verdict they need after having their lives changed by these criminal acts. Contact my law firm, SedwickLaw, PC, for legal representation today.