Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving in Southern Indiana

Drunk driving accidents have been the source of many devastating effects on families. The efforts of many groups against drunk drivers have been effective in reducing the number of fatalities from drunk driving accidents. They have not, unfortunately, been able to eliminate them and the often catastrophic injuries caused by them.

Who is responsible?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, please contact a Southern Indiana personal injury lawyer at my firm as soon as possible. The efforts of many of the families of victims have resulted in enhanced penalties for drunk drivers. In addition, responsibility for drunk driving accidents, in some cases, can be extended out to bar and restaurant owners and employees, social hosts and hostesses, and others who could have acted to prevent tragedy and did not.

The tragedy from drunk driving accidents is sometimes more than one can bear. Personal injury claims cannot bring back the deceased, or undo serious injury. They can provide a means for those liable to make up some of the damage they have caused. The financial compensation that is awarded from successful claims can cover the extensive medical costs incurred by the injured. It can be used to make up for lost wages and lost future income. It can also be a means of easing the pain and suffering caused by the drunk driving accident. When the negligence of others causes personal injury, the injured have rights.