Dangerous Drug and Injuries inSouthern Indiana

Have you ever listened to advertisements for drugs on television? It appears we are at risk taking many of these drugs when you listen to the dangerous side effects that the drug companies have been ordered to make public. Yet, people continue to take them and the consequences can be devastating. Big pharmacies are notorious for ramming through drugs without proper testing or ignoring potential dangers. The profits of these drug companies are staggering. The "help" that they profess to provide is dangerous help indeed.

A personal injury lawyer from my firm can help you to pursue a claim against a pharmaceutical company that has failed to perform adequate testing on a drug before marketing and selling it, or has pushed drugs that are known by them to be dangerous onto a trusting public. My firm is dedicated to helping those individuals or their loved ones who have been harmed by the dangerous drugs these firms are responsible for pushing on society.

Harm Caused by Drugs on the Market

The effects of dangerous drugs currently on the market are too numerous to list here. If you have questions about any dangerous drug and the possible relationship to a condition you or a loved one is suffering from, contact my office right away. One of the known problem drugs is the anti-depressant, which belong to a class of drugs known as SSRI drugs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). When taken during pregnancy these drugs can cause autism in the child. SSRIs are also linked to an increase in suicidal behavior, particularly in children and youth. Other potentially dangerous drugs, besides antidepressants, include drugs for anti-seizure, arthritis, birth control, diabetes, heart problems, pain management, sleep problems, cholesterol management and weight loss.