Southern Indiana Construction Accident and Injured Workers

Safety in the Workplace

Construction accidents are going to occur. The safety precautions and equipment developed over time and based on past causes for construction accidents will help to minimize future trouble. The precautions and equipment must, however, be implemented and used. When they are not, and construction accidents cause serious injuries, a Southern Indiana personal injury lawyer should be consulted immediately following medical treatment.

My firm is committed to providing valuable assistance to those individuals who have been seriously injured. I have helped many injured workers and their families to seek and be awarded restitution. I have fought tirelessly on behalf of the seriously injured and will continue to do so. I am compassionate about their right to receive full financial compensation for their injuries. For many, this will be their only means of support for the rest of their lives.

The serious injuries caused in construction accidents include broken bones, burn injuries, spinal cord accidents and traumatic brain injury. All of these types of injuries can be catastrophic, meaning that the injured may never fully recover or be able to return to work. The most tragic consequence of a construction accident is wrongful death. In all of these situations the injured, or their loved ones, may have grounds for a personal injury claim. Insurance companies will often try to settle with the injured. They may pressure or try to rush the acceptance of a settlement agreement. I have consulted individuals in these matters and have found instances where the insurance company was not offering adequate settlement. You must consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement offer to ensure that your rights are being protected.